Healdsburg, CA

Awards: Honor Award in General Design, ASLA

Award of Excellence, ASLA NCC


    For over a century the scenic Russian River has been under the dominion of industry thus leaving a small town like Healdsburg, California with a broken link between its local natural resource, the Russian River and its community. With over 60% of Healdsburg riverfront occupied by a gravel processing facility on a site known as the Healdsburg Bendway, virtually no space is left for the needs of the people and environment.  

    Bendway Park is a proposal for the revitalization of over 100 acres of inaccessible riverfront in Healdsburg. Focusing on the issue of river accessibility, economic viability, and environmental sensitivity this proposal confronts the mismanagement of the Healdsburg riverfront with a vision for a practical and sustainable alternative. By addressing site conditions and the input of the local community, ample programming and design elements have been incorporated to re purpose this site into a new and vibrant postindustrial riverfront.

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